Good relationships are based on friendship. They are based on liking each other, liking to spend time together talking, doing things together. Friendship includes thinking of each other, remembering what each other likes and dislikes, surprising one another with attention to details that mean a lot.

All of us can use some relationship coaching. We have our parents as the adult model of relating internalized whether we like it or not. There are not many classes on relationships. There is however a ton of research that has been done on healing relationship patterns. For 44 years I have studied many of these as well as been coached and counseled myself.

Come get some help.

  • It is possible for men to understand women.
  • It is possible for women to understand men.
  • It is possible for each of us to understand how we “tick”.
  • It is possible to heal old wounded relationships so that we can love again.
  • It does take introspection and self observation.
  • It does take forgiveness and self-acceptance.
  • It does take courage.

Are you up for it?