Donna’s Bio


I have been trained in many different disciplines: family therapy, dream therapy, hypnosis, Jungian psychology, relationship therapy, and transpersonal psychology and intuition. I use all of my training as well as my own experience as a woman, wife, mother, teacher, athlete, family member and human being in my work. I have the capacity to clearly see the issues people are presenting. I speak truthfully with heart offering wisdom that I have learned over my years on this planet.

I moved my practice from San Francisco after the 1989 earthquake and the birth of my second child. To become known in the Pacifica Community I began writing articles in the Pacifica Tribune. You may have seen my articles in the column “Helping Hands.” As my children reached school age I became an active volunteer in their school programs initiating along with others the Restructured Program at Cabrillo Grammar School. There I have worn many hats the most consistent being Conflict Resolution Program Director. I know first hand the juggling act between work and home, private life and community life.