Individual counseling is a time to reflect on and observe with guidance what is getting in the way of living life the best you possibly can. Sometimes it is about grieving losses, sometimes it is about finding faith, healing old wounds, letting go and moving on. It is a deep, shared process with a profound learning that occurs on both your part and mine. Being heard and seen with compassion and understanding we can unlock old hurts, untangle irrational thinking, heal old wounds and move on.

The earth is our classroom. We have lessons to grow. We have chosen this class. Love is the divine power. We all want love. We all search for love. The trouble is we can’t find love outside before we have found love inside. This starts with how we talk to ourselves about ourselves. What kind of words do we use to describe ourselves? Do we praise, encourage, forgive ourselves, or do we call ourselves clumsy, fat, stupid? The self-talk we use makes our minds fertile to receive poison if we are self-critical, or blessings if we are self-loving. How are you nourishing and tilling your soul ground? with love or with poison?

Without finding inner love, we struggle to find happiness. Individual therapy with me helps you get to the you that you can love and cherish.