Family Life Coaching
The coaching session is a time:

  • to understand that each family member is an individual with their own needs and wants,
  • to understand we are all learning from each other, whether parent, child or sibling.
  • to focus on family values,
  • to understand the developmental stage the family is in
  • to learn to speak to each other in ways that can be heard
  • to learn to listen to each other with our hearts (not our wounded egos that want to be right)
  • to learn parenting techniques that are more effective
  • To learn:
  • To maintain a routine
  • To be firm without dominating
  • To win cooperation
  • To learn to withdraw from a conflict that is stalemated or is escalating
  • To use actions not nagging words
  • To refrain from overprotection
  • To stimulate independence
  • To follow through and be consistent
  • To watch our tone of voice
  • To have fun together
  • To talk with each other not AT each other
  • To negotiate requests
  • To learn to come to clear reasonable boundaries that each member can live with
  • To develop empathy : the ability to walk in each others’ shoes

As parents we need to be knowledgeable leaders whose positive and stimulating influence offers encouragement, guidance, mutual respect, logical consequences, and fosters self determination. We teach good listening skills, and create an awareness of situations and what is needed and more.